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WUICD Internationalization Strategy

     Walailak University International College of Dentistry WUICD’s internationalization strategies are highlighted through the areas of our school business model specifically undergraduate education, postgraduate education and postgraduate research.

     Our undergraduate programs are not limited for overseas students, however at present, there are no overseas students participating in the program. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that we prioritize and focus our resources to recruit students from other countries.

     Currently, all of our postgraduate programs have strong international policies especially the MSc program in Orthodontics and Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. Presently, we have overseas students enrolled in our MSc. program in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. As a result, our efforts have shifted to recruit from the overseas markets including India, Vietnam, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore and Malaysia.

     WUICD would like to strengthen our research activity through enabling and fostering a postgraduate research environment. We believe that our international PhD students and postdoctoral staff will play an important role in providing significant contributions for our research activities.

     Our undergraduate DDS students, postgraduate students and researchers are encouraged to access opportunities at the International College of Dentistry to enhance the student’s learning experience at an international level through the pursuit of various studies, work and volunteering schemes available across the world. These schemes will be facilitated and sponsored by the International College of Dentistry to further cement Walailak University’s mission of internationalization and broadening our reach.

     I believe that academic and international research collaboration are a fundamental part of our international reputation and we aspire to develop long-lasting and highly successful partnerships. Walailak University has significant collaborative links with certain academic institutions in various countries including Singapore, China, England and Australia.  

      In conclusion, as Walailak University continues to increase its international reputation, the International College of Dentistry continues to foster new collaborative, academic and industrial partnerships on a global scale.


Internationalization Strategy



" To be the leading dental institute in the Asia Pacific region."

Our vision



" WUICD aims to shape the future of dentistry through excellent education, outstanding dental research and qualified clinical services"

Our mission
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