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6-year DDS program

            Our six-year D.D.S. program at Walailak University International College of Dentistry not only reflects our strong commitment to cultivate knowledge and skills in both basic oral science and oral health care professional, but also motivate the flexibility for students to tailor their education aim for their professional interests and goals. As the first international dental college established in Thailand, our newly revised curriculum (approved by Walailak University Council and ongoing by Thai Dental Council) is presented in an interdisciplinary system that fosters problem-based learning, critical thinking, and lifelong learning skills important to health-care professionals. Through the combined scientific-based knowledge, comprehensive clinical experience, and the learning skills will wider range of professional development opportunities and encourage graduate naturally advance his/her expertise and keep abreast of continuing innovations in treatment and materials for a career in dental medicine through the 21st century.


At Thasala, Nakhonsithammarat  campus
Year 1      General education & basic  sciences 
Year 2      Normal human structures: functions & diseases
At Bangkok campus
Year 3      Dental preclinic 

Year 4      Clinical experience

Year 5      Clinical experience
Year 6      Clinical experience & Professional electives


Total credits: A minimum of 318 credits  

Academic Year

The academic year (June – May) follows a trimester system of 3 terms consisting of 12 weeks each.

Trimester 1  June - September

Trimester 2  September - December

Trimester 3  January - April 

          To prepare our graduates for the 21st century skill, we use English as the main language throughout our “anytime, anywhere”, active learning curriculum. The D.D.S. program’s hands-on opportunities begin with immersion in intensive preclinical broad-based sciences and engagement in practical research knowledge through smart classroom technology. Then, for real-life clinical experience, students will be appointed to a mentorship team (team-based learning), led by an expert in the field faculty mentor who will coach students in every aspect of managing clinical practice. Our approach to clinical care is comprehensive and holistic, emphasizing oral health care in the context of the patient’s overall dental and general health effortlessly combined with state-of-the-art digital dentistry innovations. Our Thai and international faculty include highly qualified professors who have extensive teaching and research experience with commitment to excellence. Together with our mentorship model in the non-competitive learning environment, this approach collectively results in high-quality, faculty-assisted student attention. With public service in mind, we develop the outreach and service learning with oral health promotion and clinical care experiences in varied extramural settings, including international sites and many throughout Thailand. We also extend our efforts to promote the oral health well-being in the fast-growing elderly population which called for special management.

          A major stand out in our dental program at WUICD is our strong research integration. Students can find stimulating research opportunities, not only in oral health issues but also in studies ranging from stem cell to cancer biology. Proactive intensive research opportunities in both the basic and clinical sciences through the professional electives during the 5th and final year.

       Above all, our D.D.S. program emphasizes engaged, active and happy learning attitude. Students will be continually challenged to discover and inquire. And student will acquire lifetime skills in critical thinking, self-evaluation, and reflection on ethical values.

DENT1 2019



General education

Thai for Contemporary Communication
English in Daily Life
English in Health and Wellness
English in Media Communication
English for Community Development
English in Cultural Diversity
English for Scientific Presentations
The Present World and Global Citizenship
Smart Life Management
IT for the Present and Beyond
Appreciation of Value and Beauty
Creating Quality of Life

Basic sciences

Science and Mathematics in Daily Life
Basic Chemical Laboratory
Principles of Chemistry
Cell Biology for Health Sciences
Cell Biology for Health Sciences Laboratory
Medical Physics



Biomedical sciences

Cardiovascular System
Endocrine System
Respiratory System
Alimentary System and Nutrition
Urinary and Reproductive System
Embryology and Genetics in Medicine
Microbiology and Parasitology
Systemic Pathology
Hematopoietic Lymphoreticular System



Dental sciences

Head and Neck Anatomy with Clinical Correlations
Anatomy and Development of Oral Tissue
Craniofacial Development
Oral Environment
Dental Anatomy
Dental Anatomy Laboratory
Masticatory System
Head, Face and Oral Pain
Introduction to Material Science
Dental Materials
Ergonomics in Dentistry
Preventive Dentistry and Oral Health Promotion
Introduction to Oral and Maxillofacial Imaging
Oral Medicine
Oral Pathology
Operative Dentistry
Operative Dentistry Laboratory



Dental sciences

Oral Surgery
Clinical Pharmacology in Dentistry
Complete Denture
Complete Denture Laboratory
Removable Prosthodontics
Removable Prosthodontic Laboratory
Treatment Planning in Dentistry
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Geriatric Dentistry
Endodontic Laboratory
Oral Health Science Research Methodology
Hospital Dentistry
Basic Orthodontics
Fixed Prosthodontics
Fixed Prosthodontic Laboratory
Dental implantology
Writing Research Proposal



Pediatric Dentistry
Research Project in Oral Health Science

Dental sciences

Oral Diagnostic and Risk Assessment Clinic
Periodontic Clinic
Operative Dentistry Clinic
Endodontic Clinic
Oral Surgery Clinic
Prosthodontic Clinic: Complete Denture
Prosthodontic Clinic: Removable Partial Denture
Pediatric Dentistry Clinic

Patients care



Aesthetic Dentistry
Comprehensive Dentistry
Field Hospital Dentistry
Forensic Dentistry
Code of Ethics in Dentistry
Dental Clinic Management
Professional Electives

Dental sciences

Patients care

Field Practice on Oral Health Promotion
Prosthodontic Clinic: Fixed Partial Denture
Occlusion Clinic
Orthodontic Clinic
Medical Biochemistry
Introduction to Basic Medical Science
Epidemiology and Biostatistics
Integumentary, Connective Tissue and                    Musculoskeletal System
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