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Program Learning Outcomes


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1st Year

DST61-610 Fundamental of Orthodontics

DST61-611 Clinical Cephalometrics

DST61-612 Diagnosis Procedures in Orthodontics

DST61-613 Principle of Orthodontic Techniques I

DST61-614 Introduction to Clinical Orthodontics

DST61-615 Clinical Case Conference I

DST61-616 Implants/Temporary Anchorage Device

DST61-617 Facial Development

DST61-618 Principle of Orthodontic Techniques II

DST61-619 Clinical case conference II

DST61-620 Clinical Orthodontics I            

DST61-621 Advanced Head and Neck Anatomy

DST61-622 Orthodontic Analysis and Treatment Modalities

DST61-623 Clinical case conference III

DST61-624 Clinical Orthodontics II

DST61-710 Surgical Orthodontics

DST61-711 TMJ Disorders

DST61-712 Clinical case conference IV

DST61-713 Diagnosis Seminar I: Multidisciplinary Diagnosis and Treatment Plan I                        

DST61-714 Research Seminar I     

DST61-715 Clinical Orthodontics III

DST61-716 Orthodontic Problems Related to Cleft   Palate Patient

DST61-717 Speech Problems Related to the Oral Mechanism

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