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• Provides a quick view of facts on the negative effects of smoking and the benefits of stopping.• Helps you understand the psychology of smoking and why people become regular smokers.• Provides facts and statistics on the different ways you can stop smoking.• Provides more than 100 motivating quotes on the benefits of stopping• Users can record voice notes, pictures and drawings• Easy to use, simple and fast• A better chance to end your smoking habit• Optional free ‘Quit’ section where you can record voice notes, picture or drawings• Uses TTS technology for reading out the text that is being spoken.The reason why I decided to make this application is because smoking is a habit. I remember as a kid that when I am bored at home, I’d always find a way to smoke. At that time I didn’t realize how much I was harming myself. I think that’s why this application was made to enable people like me to understand how much I was harming myself.Now, if you are a smoker, there are different reasons why you might want to quit smoking. Maybe you have become an addict and smoking provides you with a negative state of mind every time you smoke. Maybe you think smoking is a normal thing to do. The primary reason why you’d want to quit smoking is if you’ve looked into the negatives of smoking. You might have read a book or research on how smoking is harmful to your body.This application has an easy to use interface. You’ll be able to see the statistics very easily. You might also see why you should stop smoking. This application has the ability to record your voice so that you can explain to the user why you want to quit and what you’ve read. You can also give this app pictures, drawings and voice notes. These additional features of the application will make the app more understandable.If you need to quit smoking, you need to have an application that will help you. I hope this app makes you become a non-smoker. Thanks.Sponsored Links [ad#Ad at 0]What's NewVersion 1.6.2:- Fixed a bug that caused there to be no sound in the backup section- Added new feature that allows users to create in-app mail- Improved the performance of the app- Enjoyed the improvements and updated features!Smoking Quitting Your New 08929e5ed8


Quitting Smoking PC/Windows [2022-Latest]

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