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      Besides Good health and wellbeing promotion (SGD3), Center for Advance Oral Health (CAOH) also has direct impact to the teaching and learning quality of our graduate level students. It is a center for teaching and training of our clinical programs. In addition,  CAOH also exerts the indirect clinical training for our undergraduate students and our faculty clinical and translational research because the obtained patient data are preserved as patient bank for teaching and learning for both undergraduate and graduate students. Our students who are regularly exposed to frontier dental technologies such as digital dentistry in everyday teaching and learning environment provided, then raise the educational quality to best. They are further able to apply to their future career ( Life-long learning) and development of 21st century skills. CAOH also serves the faculty and staff as a source for their research and service to profession which this experience can be translated active learning (such as problem-based learning) approach in the classroom.

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