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Indiana University School of Dentistry Visiting WUICD

Walailak Coordination Unit, Bangkok, THAILAND

Prof. Dr. Michael J. Kowolik, Executive Associated Dean, Prof. Dr. Tien-Min Gabriel Chu, Associate Dean for Research from Indiana University, School of Dentistry, USA and Director Teeraphol Booncharoen, ASEAN Gateway office, Indiana University International Affairs, are visiting Prof. Dr. Sittichai Koontongkaew, Acting Dean of Walialak University International College of Dentistry (WUICD) and the executive team. The purpose of this visiting is to initiate the conversation which can pave the way to the academic collaboration between the two institutes in the near future. The representatives from Indiana University are very interested in the newly revised WUICU dental curriculum, which intend to foster the young dental professional to be ready for the emerging trends in the dental field through research-oriented, critical thinking and smart classroom system which make WUICD to stand out among the top dental schools in Thailand. The representatives from Indiana University have invite WUICD to collaborate in the exchange programs for faculties and students in the area of Orthodontics, Dental Public Health and Dental Materials research in both undergraduate and postgraduate level. This very fruitful discussion will be the important step to the world class standard education system for WUICD.

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