WUICD New Campus Renovation Update

Current progress for the advanced oral health centers, teaching and learning buildings for supporting the dentistry students and serving the people of the International Dental College.

Advancement of the Advanced Oral Health Center located at 73 Rama 6 Road, Samsen Nai Subdistrict, Phaya Thai District, Bangkok. The Advanced Oral Health Center is a 3-story building and will be used as a location for teaching and learning at the graduate level along with general dental clinics. Renovation and interior decoration, including the landscape adjustment around the building by AAE Engineering (Thailand) Co., Ltd.), is expected to be completed and will open for operation at the end of May 2020. Advances in improvements and interior decoration are as follows:

1st Floor Area

Mezzanine Area

1st Floor Bathroom:

Elevator area in front of CSSR room, 2nd floor

Dental Clinic Zone area, 2nd floor - undergoing bile duct, air duct, sewerage for dental unit

2nd Floor Classroom Zone

Bathroom area, 2nd Floor

Dental Clinic Zone area, 3rd floor

Processing of bile ducts, air ducts

Sewerage for Dental Units

Teacher Room Zone, Student Room, 3rd floor

3rd floor, Research Room Zone

Bathroom area, 3rd floor


Another location is the teaching building of the International College of Dentistry. It is located at 87 Ranong 2 Road, Nakhon Chai Si Subdistrict, Dusit District, Bangkok. It will be the location for teaching and learning of 3rd and 6th year dentistry students. There are clinical zones on the 2nd floor for the students supporting 33 dental units. The 3rd floor student zone supports 33 dental units as well. 33 units of simulation lab, 10 Active Learning Classrooms and more than 10 teaching and research laboratories. The improvements in operating and interior, including the landscape adjustment around the building by AAE Engineering (Thailand) Co., Ltd., currently has progress in the improvement and interior decoration as follows:

Library area, 1st floor

Activity Area Zone, 1st floor

Area of Dental Water Filtering Room, 1st floor

1st floor Walkway Area

Area of LAB Room, 2nd floor

Dental Clinic Zone, Supporting 33 Units, 2nd floor

Dental Clinic Zone, Supporting 33 Units, 3rd floor

Simulation Lab Room Zone Area, 33 units, 3rd floor

Not less than 10 Active Learning classroom Areas,

4th floor

More than 10 Teaching and Research Laboratory Zones,

4th floor

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