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WUICD and COVID-19 - Switching to Online Learning

Due to the current rising concerns regarding the spread of COVID-19 and the efforts made to contain the virus globally and locally, universities have shifted away from the classroom setting moving towards online learning. It is critical that universities find ways to adapt and be flexible during these uncertain times.

In light of their vision to offer international standard of education for their students, the International College of Dentistry, Walailak University understands that it must modify the learning methods in order to continue to provide outstanding education.

Students studying with Professors in the Orthodontics program using ZOOM Conferencing application have commented on the ease of use and convenience online learning has been during these unpredictable times.

WUICD believes that students’ safety is the first priority and shifting to online learning and integrating information technology with education will be integral part of school education. WUICD is well prepared for the “new normal.”

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